Sunday, September 28, 2014

Susan has documented the work I've done to clear weeds and tree limbs from the field.

The western branch of the Swackhammer irrigation ditch runs down the east edge of our field.  Trees have grown up along the ditch and sometimes encroach on the field.  With the tree limbs there, it is hard to control the weeds.  The ground there is not productive.
Another spot on the Swackhammer ditch.  Note the pile of brush I've made from tree limbs I've cut off.
There was a knot of dead branches that I cut out and piled into a big pile.  Now I am cutting and breaking it to make smaller piles closer to the ditch and out of the way of farm operations.
There's the stump of the dead tree that gave me all those branches in the pile.
This is an area in the far northeast corner of the field.  The damson plum trees are doing well there.  Solomon's Seal is the ground cover between the trees.  It is a native, riparian wild flower.
 Ugh!  This is next year's project.  Note the tree limbs sticking out over the field and the teasel, burdock and thistles.
The foreground is full of weeds, but you can see the progress that has been made beyond it.
Finally, you can see the ten yards of new field we've gotten now that it has been weeded.

Tuesday, September 9, 2014

I just put an ad on Craigslist for our hay.

The "harvest moon" was pretty nice out there over our "outhouse" (actually, our composting toilet shed).